You might be wondering whether automatic transmissions are now standard on NASCAR vehicles, given the numerous technological developments in the game. Are NASCAR cars manual?

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Are NASCAR cars manual? Five gear manually sequential transmissions are standard equipment in NASCAR race vehicles. Although it is not necessary for the drivers to locate the gear upon that transmission, they still need to utilize a clutch to change gears. Prior to 2021, NASCAR vehicles used four-speed gearboxes with gearboxes that followed the H layout.


Since its establishment over seven decades ago, NASCAR has continued to lead American motorsports competition. Many of the most prominent and accomplished drivers around the world had originated from or finished their careers in stock-car racing many years.

Spending a whole day at a NASCAR circuit is an exhilarating experience. It’s incredible to be around so many individuals who share your interests. The majority of motorsports enthusiasts pay attention to the racing as well as the racers, but if you’re a genuine motorhead, you’ve probably thought about the strategies used to succeed.

Again for the 2022 campaign, the Next Generation vehicles have undergone a complete redesign. The utilization of transmission networks is among the modifications, among many others. Several fans are curious ‘Are NASCAR cars manual or automatic?’ after the company introduced the Next Gen model in 2022 that made substantial alterations to the transmission.

An explanation of transmission

The portion of the vehicle’s gearbox is responsible for sending torque and power out from the motor towards the back wheel. The gearbox of the car enables the gearbox between of engines and tires to change in response to the vehicle’s speed.

Whereas an automated gearbox uses a commutator to shift gears, a manual gearbox necessitates the driver to select the proper gear and apply the clutch. Similar to a regular gearbox, a transaxle connects to the rear driveshaft through a ring gear and is attached there instead of being connected to the drive shaft.

NASCAR vehicles have manual gearboxes; thus, when accelerating or decelerating, the driver must change gears.

Are NASCAR Cars Manual?

All NASCAR vehicles are manuals. The Next Generation car’s gearbox is now in a different place and has been changed from such a four to a five-year sequence. However, an automatic transmission has not yet been added. Traditions and philosophy are the fundamental causes of this.

The NASCAR, Next Generation vehicles are not automated. The manual gearbox was preserved in the Gen-6 cars, although numerous changes made since drivers appreciate it and spectators enjoy watching better racing with it. The aerodynamics plus looks of the automobiles have received the most improvements.

Why NASCAR Cars Have Manual Transmissions?

NASCAR drivers dislike automatic transmissions, despite the fact that they are practical for the majority of Americans. Since automated transmissions allow the automobile to select the optimal gearbox anywhere at a given time, drivers feel more confident when using a manual gearbox.

Given how seldom NASCAR drivers must change gears when racing, this isn’t a big concern. You could believe that the absence of an automatic gearbox raises safety issues. The fact that NASCAR drivers must worry over pressing and pulling a shift lever at specific points during a race, either automated or manually, is not a big concern.

They frequently leave the automobile in higher gears, or 5th in a Next Gen vehicle, except if the race is on a street circuit or a circuit that necessitates drivers to slow down considerably entering the corners. Riders only typically need to change gears when there is a caution when they approach and leave the pit circuit and infrequently when they go backward.

NASCARs of Years Past

Red Byron drove a Ford Deluxe to victory during the first Car race, which took place in 1948. In the Ford, its manual gearbox featured three speeds. Over 60 years have passed since the introduction of the four speeds! Since the beginning of NASCAR, manual gearboxes have been a feature of the sport.

Are There Automatic Transmissions in NASCAR Cars?

Most Cup Series vehicles do not have automatic transmissions, which is the correct response to your query. However, since NASCAR’s inception in the 1950s, the four-speed manuals or “H” shift transmission has been the best option. Since it was performing as requested, there was no need of a change.

Additionally, NASCAR doesn’t only concentrate on “stock car” sport; instead, it focuses on “racing” rather than attempting to transform the automobile industry. Nevertheless, just like everything else in life, NASCAR is trying to advance to modernize, innovate, adjust, and move on to the next stage, including its new vehicle in 2022.

Next Gen of NASCAR Car Gearboxes

The gearboxes in Next Gen vehicles are likewise evolving. However, the gears are still manual until the supporters of the automated start applauding. However, a significant alteration has occurred.

Due to the fact that the Next Generation automobile will include a five-gear sequential gearbox (sixth if you add reversing), The transaxle, which replaces the manual transmission, steel axle, plus solid back axle used on all earlier generations of automobiles, is what you will see in the Next Gen.

This transaxle not just to makes the automobile lighter overall but also occupies less room. As a result, the driver would be able to sit closer to the middle of the vehicle, boosting safety in case of a T-bone accident.


Ever since the 1950s, NASCAR vehicles come with manual gearboxes. The most popular manual gearbox for several years was a four-speed unit, but this season’s NASCAR race cars will have a new five-speed sequentially manual gearbox.

Although these modifications are complex for NASCAR as well as its supporters, they are necessary for the vehicles to stay in stock. Although the configuration has been evaluated for a considerable time, the alterations to the forthcoming era of NASCAR cars have already been placed to the test inside the 2022 campaign. However, there remains a significant transition that still to finish.

This well-liked racing is experiencing an exciting period right now, and we can only believe that the new mechanical gearboxes will measure up to the hype and aid in furthering the sport’s promotion.

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