With over 4 million fans in the recent event, NASCAR is moving fast. It is the nature of fans to be interested not only in the victories but also the bio, relationships, and sometimes habits of their favourite sportsman or team. How do NASCAR drivers pee is a frequent question that the watching gallery comes up with, as they have been familiar with the unstoppable nature of the races for years.

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) held its maiden event in 1948. From then on to the 21st century, it has become a million hearts won auto racing series in the United States and worldwide.

How Do NASCAR Drivers Pee?

Although the average time of a NASCAR race is calculated as 3 hours sometimes, it may extend up to 6 hours. You know that every second is valued more than gold in the fields of NASCAR. It is unlikely evident that drivers have stopped for a restroom break during the hours of racing. We can tell that NASCAR drivers are stock- still to the seat until the game finishes.

How do NASCAR drivers pee, has been an area that most of the crowd wonder as they do not see anyone stopping for a few minutes on the track. Are they using diapers? Are the drivers used to wearing catheters? These are some assumptions of the fans. When this awkward question is put forward, most competitors do not give a clear answer.

Of course, being humans, NASCAR drivers face the troubles of calls from nature. Some have admitted that they have only two options on their hands-control until passing the chequered flag or releasing it. Despite thinking of the aftermath and the shame, in urgent cases, they decide to release it and continue the battle. The most exciting thing is that if they do not get the need, how can that happen? Let’s look through the following facts.

The Temperature and the Environment inside a Racing Car

Usually, the temperature inside a car on the track is assumed to be 30 °F-40°F more than the surrounding. Likewise, 100°F- 140°F is assumed as the inner temperature. This is a burning sensation. Isn’t it? The ventilation system installed in each car will only decrease the inner heat from about 10°F. Air conditioners are not allowed in the stocked car as they make a car overweighted for a race.

Do NASCAR Drivers Lose Weight While Driving?

NASCAR drivers lose up to 10 pounds, nearly 4.5 Kilograms of weight, during a race.

Therefore, there is less evidence of filling up the urinary bladder as all most all the water is excreted as sweat.

Excess water loss and irons from the participants are significant risks because they may lead to dehydration. But the drivers are trained to face and overcome the situation.

What do NASCAR Drivers Drink during a Race?

NASCAR drivers carry a water bottle with them. If they need extra water, bottles are provided if they ask. They do use sports drinks that are rich in ions. Also, sometimes they use salt tablets to maintain the typical level of ions in the body. If they do not intake as the loss takes place, they will be dehydrated, and thus it will be the end of their run.

Do NASCAR Drivers Wear Diapers?

The material used to produce diapers could catch fire easily. Therefore, drivers never use those because they will be dangerous in case of any emergency fire. It is a well-known fact they wear several layers of inflammable suits. Therefore peeing on a car seat seems quite strange to the world. It is the option left in every driver’s hand if they have an urgent desire.

How NASCAR Drivers Prepare Before a Race?

NASCAR drivers are observed by a group of professionals in their whole preparations. They refrain from getting lots of carbs and eat bland food. This is to avoid any trouble with his physical stability and concentration during the race because an urge to go to the restroom may distract their mind from his focus.

All the drivers visit the restrooms just before they come to the field. And they are always aware of getting into the driving seat with an empty bladder.

Accordingly, we know that there are less capable of wanting to urinate, excrement and falling sick due to the strict diet and keen preparations that every NASCAR driver goes through before any race. Most of the drivers express their unwillingness to talk about this publicly. But as there are instances where the well-known NASCAR winners admitted that they sometimes let it go on the spot while driving, cleared the mist in the most popular question, how do NASCAR drivers pee.

·        Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The famous winner in the tracks once told that, if possible, it would be on hold, but if not, it would be released, answering the popular bathroom quiz. He also has added that there are poor chances of occurring in such situations due to the massive sweating taking place inside a car that is very hot than the outside.

·        Brad Keselowski

The driver, who has won the double championship in both Cup Series and Xfinity series, stated that he had relieved himself while driving once or twice in his career life. But Brad further extends it by including that once he gets the complete focus on the target and excessive loss of water via sweat happens, he could even drive for nearly 24 hours.


Due to the higher competition in NASCAR events, drivers do not stop to go to the restroom. They will only stop if they need extra bottles of water and fluid to keep them hydrated.

Many precautions are added to the daily routine of a NASCAR driver as a train for the long hours of racing. Consequently, the impulse to pee or excrete is fewer probable issue for an experienced driver. Another reason to lower the amount of fluid passed to the bladder is that imprudent perspiration occurs as a result of the heat inside the car.

We have discussed the issues with brief details for a clear understanding via this article. After all, what is unveiled is that NASCAR drivers are well-committed souls for the job they do.

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