What are the race car games that you can play? Are you a game lover? Your answer may be yes! If it is not after this article, definitely your answer will be yes. So, keep on reading to learn about my personal favorites.

What are the race car games that you can play?

Hill Climb Racing 2

For Windows 10 devices, Hill Climb Racing 2 is a free-to-play racing game. We can primarily play this game offline. Its hand-drawn graphics and easy controls make it the best game for players of all ages and skill levels. Hill Climb Racing 2 is completely side-scrolling, unlike most racing games, and requires the player to move from left to right while accelerating and decelerating to clear jumps and land upright.

Task completion is rewarded with prizes that can use to upgrade your car or buy a new one. My favorite thing about Hill Climb Racing 2 is the cute art style in this game. Also, this game is easy to learn and use. But one last thing! Many annoying pop-up messages are coming when navigating the menu offline.

Asphalt 8

This is one of my favorite games. It is offline and can be played on any iOS, Android and windows device. It features over 220 cars and bikes. The most fun thing is it has a good variety of locations for racetracks. But realistic art may only demand by some players. Advertising is present in Airborne, which younger players might tap on by accident. Although Airborne has an online multiplayer component, You can thoroughly enjoy its single-player career mode without a Wi-Fi connection.What are the race car games that you can play

Traffic Racer

What are the race car games that you can play? Traffic racer is among them. Traffic Racer is an offline game that is basic at first glance. Though it is like this, we can customize the cars, upgrade them, and keep racing. We can choose a car to drive on the freeway from cars over 30.

Another thing is can play this game even on your smartphone and PC. We can steer the cars by swiping left or right or tilting the Tablet or smartphone. There are five different game modes in this game. The game is dull as there are no accurate race tracks.


In this Hovercraft game, Players can design their hovercraft. The weapons used can also be altered, along with the color and shape of the vehicle. The best thing is Wi fi connection s not needed to access most of the content in this game. But we have to go online to play this with multiplayer.

Forza Motorsport 6

Forza Motorsport 6 is also known as Apex. This is an Xbox One video game for windows 10 PC and tablet owners. This game contains six race tracks. When it comes to cars, there are about 60 cars with exciting graphics. Again, this is an offline game. But those who can access the internet will also benefit from Xbox network connectivity with Xbox Achievements and their friend list. What I Like Controls are straightforward to learn.

Great Race – Route 66

Again, I like to ask you a question. What are the race car games that you can play? My next favorite is Route 66. First, let me tell you what made this game boring. This game becomes monotonous. And when compared to other games, the graphics are elementary. But this game has a very straightforward design. This has lots of places and locations like in actual games. And also, there is a wide range of authentic locations that can unlock. When talking about cars, there are 15 classic cars to unlock. We can drive them with quick swipes to the right or left.

So, these are my favorites. Tell me about yours. Leave a comment!

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